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Innotech ProSort | Blower Cleaner

The Innotech ProSort is an all-in-one unit that combines an infeed metering hopper, blower cleaner and inspection conveyor in one convenient and mobile package. The ProSort offers powerful and efficient fans, easy to clean design, is height adjustable, and washdown ready.



The process begins with the adjustable metered hopper, which deposits product onto an infeed conveyor. The product then moves past the blower, which eliminates debris before being deposited onto a diffuser plate. This is followed by an outfeed conveyor that allows for hand inspection. The cleaned product can then be collected or sent on to another part of the line.

Innotech ProSort 5
Adjustable Hopper & Infeed Conveyory
Innotech ProSort 3
Collapsible Snorkel Hood
Innotech ProSort 6
Removable Diffuser Plate

Additional information


110v Source powers entire unit
VFD for each conveyor
Infeed conveyor with cross-flow blower (output 5160 CFM)
PVC 120 k13 belting
Adjustable infeed metering hopper
Snorkel hood flips down for cleaning and storage
Removable snorkel catch sleeve for easy cleaning
Removable diffuser plate
Removable flat rack to catch soft berries
Bi-direction for running both RH and LH configurations
Adjustable angle inspection conveyor
Flip-over trash rails
All components built for washdown
Completely mobile with forklift pockets 
Entire unit is height adjustable


VFDs for conveyors
PVC 120 K13 Belting
All stainless steel components
Washdown ready


Multiple International power options
Multiple automation options
Multiple exit conveyor options
Custom configurations available

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