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Innotech design solidworks

industry-leading design starts with years of experience.

Automation is the future in the process industry. We can design highly automated equipment with touch screen controls and safety lockouts. Innotech’s solution-based design services blend experience with innovation to overcome any challenge.

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our process

brainstorm design

step 1: initial consultation

ask our team - we've done this a time or two

Sometimes you have an idea of what you need, or a list of specifications for a piece of equipment you are looking at. Our team will gladly meet with you to go over your ideas, and give their feedback on the best ways to design and manufacture it.

step 2: concept drawing review

we want to make sure we're on the right track.

After we have the first set of conceptual drawings complete, we meet to review the initial designs. Utilizing your feedback and input, we implement any changes to maintain the direction of the program. Our team will likely suggest the best course of action based on experience with previous applications.

design review
design review meeting

step 3: drawing review

we meet again for a formal design review.

Innotech offers Project Management services for customers wishing to integrate different products or elements into their facilities. We have a proven track record of managing numerous trades to accomplish a set of goals. From large capital projects to small facility improvements, Innotech has the experience to manage your project from Initiating and planning to closure.

step 4: completion & approval

we get final approval before moving forward with fabrication.

Our goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction with your project. We provide your team with the support and tools they need, and our team is able to provide full modeling to demonstrate proof of concept. 

design approval

have a project? Tell us about it!


ground up

Starting from scratch? No problem.

We love to work with clients on new builds. If you’re installing a single piece of equipment or designing an entire facility, our team has the experience and capabilities for any project.


need new equipment in an existing line?

We pride ourselves in taking existing setups and improving them. Whether you’re looking to add capabilities to an existing configuration or need a new setup to flow with the rest of your process, our team delivers innovative solutions for any situation. 

layout redesign

out with the old, in with efficiency

Just like an older engine, process lines need tune-ups. Your line and equipment are running well, but you know there are advances in technology that could be integrated to increase your setup’s efficiency. Our designers evaluate any potential improvements to craft a solution for your needs. 


if it ain't broke, don't fix it: retrofit it

There are certain pieces of equipment that simply cannot be replaced. Luckily our team has experience working new integrations into existing hardware. Consider adding process controls and automation to setup to increase efficiency.

facility mapping

tight on real estate? we help you plan

We’d all love unlimited space on our production floors, but reality demands conservation. Our team can fully model your schematic so you can plan that maximizes available space BEFORE you start installing equipment, saving time and frustration. 

design gallery

design leadership

trevor wunn


Trevor came to Innotech in 2015 as the solo designer and now leads our design team. He has completed many projects since then, ranging from simple conveyors to complex processing equipment. His deep industry knowledge coupled with years of hands-on design experience allow him to tackle any application challenge. 

Innotech Trevor our team

have a project? Tell us about it!