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industrial automation & line control

Innotech industrial automation & line control hero ul 508a

custom systems integration & industry standard controls

Innotech offers a full range of automation and control services, including a UL 508A Industrial Control Panel Fabrication shop. Our team bring a wealth of experience in electrical, software, hardware, and automation design. From simple touch screen interfaces to fully integrated process flow and control systems, we can develop a solution for your facility.


ground up

Starting from scratch? No problem.

We love to work with clients on new builds. If you’re installing a single piece of equipment or designing an entire facility, our team has the experience and capabilities for any project.

oem products

need new equipment in an existing line?

Innotech specializes in building rugged, high quality equipment for the food processing industry. We can incorporate new equipment into an existing setup to increase efficiency and thru-put.  

system redesign

out with the old, in with efficiency

Just like an older engine, process lines need tune-ups. Your line and equipment are running well, but you know there are advances in technology that could be integrated to increase your setup’s efficiency. Our team evaluates any potential improvements to craft a solution for your needs. 


if it ain't broke, don't fix it: retrofit it

There are certain pieces of equipment that simply cannot be replaced. Luckily our team has experience working new integrations into existing hardware. Consider adding process controls and automation to setup to increase efficiency.

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our process

brainstorm design

step 1: initial consultation

ask our team - they've done this a time or two

Sometimes you have an idea of what you need, or a list of specifications for a piece of equipment you are looking at. Our team will gladly meet with you to go over your ideas, and give their feedback on the best ways to design and manufacture it.

step 2: concept review

we want to make sure we're on the right track.

After we have the first set of conceptual drawings complete, we meet to review the initial designs. Our team may request any existing drawings or programs be shared. Utilizing your feedback and input, we implement any changes to maintain the direction of the program. Our team will then suggest the best course of action based on experience with previous applications.

design review
design review meeting

step 3: proposal review & timeline

we meet again for a formal design review.

Our next meeting involves reviewing the proposed migration path and timeline. All factors are taken into consideration to align our capabilities and capacity with your timeframe needs. This usually involves a high level of coordination and also needs to account for down time during cut over, in addition to many more variables that our experienced team takes into consideration for every project. 

step 4: acceptance testing

We ensure a smooth transition back to full production.

Our team conducts a full checkout of systems with the newly-installed controls. This includes many tests under various conditions to look for any potential issues. Our goal is to ensure complete customer satisfaction with your project. We provide your team with the ongoing support and tools they need to keep your operations running smoothly. 

design approval

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industry standard controls

Innotech is certified to design and build industrial control panels to the UL 508A standard.  Each control panel Innotech ships undergoes thorough design review and quality checks to meet and exceed the standard. Panel layout, organization, cleanliness and finish are points of pride within the panel shop.


Innotech uses programmable automation hardware that best fits the application and conforms to customer preferences. Most projects use controllers from one of the following product families:

  • Allen-Bradley CompactLogix
  • Koyo Click
  • Automation Direct Productivity Series
  • ABB AC500 and AC500-eCo
  • Weintek HMI

we build enclosures to meet UL Type 4X

control hardware

VFDs, motor starters and other control hardware can vary among the major manufacturers depending on pricing and availability. These include:

  • Allen-Bradley
    • PowerFlex VFDs
    • Contactors
    • Motor Protectors
    • Multi-level spring clamp terminal blocks
  • Eaton: Circuit breakers
  • Socomec: Control panel disconnects
  • Wago: Terminal block relays
  • Phoenix Contact
    • DC Power Supplies
    • DC Circuit Protection and Control
  • Weg
    • Standalone motor starters (machine mounted)
    • Contactors
    • Motor Protectors
  • KB Electronics: Standalone VFDs (machine mounted)
  • Sensors
    • Keyence (Lasers and Photoelectric)
    • Balluff (Inductive)

automation leadership

roger hutchison, pe

Head of Automation & Controls

The automation team is led by Roger Hutchison, PE. Roger holds a Professional Engineer’s license (Electrical) for the state of Michigan and Washington and has decades of automation experience in the automotive industry and food processing. He uses this experience to design control systems that use the best practices and features implemented across industry.

In supervising the development of control logic and operator interfaces he ensures that systems are safe, reliable, maintainable, and user friendly for machine operators.

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With Ignition it’s as easy as “connect, design, and deploy” to get your important industrial data to anyone in your organization.

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