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Innotech Lazy Susan | Turntable

We manufacture Lazy Susan’s from small compact models, to large industrial versions for leading process facilities. These can be mobile with locking casters, or with foot pads for anchoring to concrete or steel surfaces.



The process begins with the adjustable metered hopper, which deposits product onto an infeed conveyor. The product then moves past the blower, which eliminates debris before being deposited onto a diffuser plate. This is followed by an outfeed conveyor that allows for hand inspection. The cleaned product can then be collected or sent on to another part of the line.

innotech lazy susan 3
innotech lazy susan packing
innotech lazy susan packing 2

Additional information


48” diameter
• Includes adjustable sheet metal guide
• Height adjustable
• All stainless construction
• Includes VFD
• Stainless motor and bearings
• Includes lift off shelves (2)
• Wired for 110V single-phase


Stainless motor & bearings
Lift off shelves (2)
Casters or footpads


Multiple International power options
Multiple automation options
Multiple exit conveyor options
Various motors available
Custom configurations available

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