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automated tote washer (like new)

Proven & Reliable AUTOMATED CLEANING solutions

Innotech Tote Washers are designed for rugged reliability in the harshest environments. These automated washers are offered as both off-the-shelf units or can be customized specific to your facility and needs. 

all features and options

  • All stainless construction
  • Includes adjustable hold downs for taller/shorter totes
  • Includes UL listed stainless control panel with PLC Controls
  • All washdown gearboxes and motors
  • Includes rotating spray assembly
  • Includes Hydro sieve filter screens for water recovery
  • Includes all pumps valving etc.
  • Includes large capacity tank below
  • Includes 12-foot extension on receiving side for 3 totes before washer
  • Includes Rotary Filter for water recovery instead of Hyrdro sieve
    • Rotary filter with internal flights
    • Self-cleaning with no filter change
    • Includes motor and gearbox
    • Includes piping
  • Includes Dosatron Sanitizing Pump & Manifold
    • Includes Dosatron sanitizing injection pump
    • Includes all plumbing for sanitizer
    • Includes sanitizing manifold for spray as totes exit


Innotech single lane lug dumper (1)

all features and options

  • Touch Screen Operation in English and Spanish
  • Use Lugs, Flats, Bins, or a combination of all
  • Gentile Pouring Action
  • All Electric Controls1, 2, & 3 Lane Models Available
  • Multiple Outfeed Options
  • Modular Belting
  • All Stainless Components
  • Easy to Use
  • Adjustable Height
  • Configurable Settings
  • Designed for Harsh Environments
  • Available Remote Access Troubleshooting
  • Takeaway Conveyor for Lug Removal
  • Stainless Frame
  • Completely Washdown Ready 


layton systems tray washer 1

the innotech difference

solution - based design | superior quality manufacturing | exceptional customer service

Innotech equipment is used by companies worldwide in the harshest environments and continue to set new standards for reliability and ease of operation.

Innotech has a highly experienced engineering and fabrication team with the knowledge and passion to provide the best equipment we can.

With single, double, and triple lane dumpers you can use any combination that suites your needs.

Our gentle dumping motion will not harm fresh product.

Our dumpers feature exit conveyors to remove empty lugs and flats where they can be transferred to a washer.

Our dumpers are delivered with stainless steel locking washdown casters for easy movement.

Ask about our lug washers. The perfect addition to your processing line. To visit our lug washer website, click here.

Our dumpers feature easy to understand touch screen user interfaces with built-in security.

Innotech provides an instructional video for use with our dumpers outlining how to operate the dumper features.

Our touch screens feature both English and Spanish text which can be switched with the push of a button.

Our dumpers feature a level sensor to maintain a consistent product height for the conveyor discharge conveyor.

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