Innotech Installation Services

Our professional installation teams are highly experienced & dedicated to ensuring your equipment is installed on schedule and operates flawlessly.

The Innotech brand is recognized as a leading symbol of quality craftsmanship & excellent service.

Our installers arrive ready to work and are equipped with the tools needed for your installation and any challenges that may come up.

Innotech supplies equipment to facilities from Alaska to California.

Whether your equipment will be installed in Dutch Harbor, Alaska, or BC, Canada, you can expect the same level of service and support.

Complex Installations

The Innotech Professional Installation teams are highly experienced in complex installs. Whether you have multiple pieces of equipment going into a small space, or thousands of feet of conveyor systems traversing your entire facility, our teams can complete your project, on schedule. 

Field Modifications

Sometimes it's cost effective to modify equipment onsite versus purchasing new. When that decision comes, Innotech can come out to your facility and complete most modifications onsite.

If feasible, we can also remove the equipment and transport it to our manufacturing facility for more in-depth modifications.

Equipment Integration

Innotech offers integration services. If you purchase equipment that needs to fit into an existing process line, our engineers can perform a site survey and formulate a plan to integrate your new equipment.

Our engineers have considerable experience integrating equipment into facilities.

Equipment Removal

Innotech maintenance teams can remove old equipment to make room for new. We will dissemble and remove you old process equipment, and clean the area making it ready for your new equipment.

Please contact us for a quote.

Onsite Testing

We test every piece of equipment we manufacture before it leaves our shop. But testing in our facility is much different than testing in your facility once the installation is complete.

We rigorously test each piece we install to ensure peak performance, and only after your company representative has signed off on the installation, do we consider it complete.

The Innotech Team working on the installation of 1,200 feet of conveyors for a local seafood company.

These conveyors are stacked three high and suspended 12 feet in the air.

All stainless construction and 2,400 feet of belting reflects Innotech's ability to handle the most complex installations.