Innotech Engineers truly excel at designing process equipment

Years of experience is reflected in their ability to visualize an entire process line down to the finest detail.

From clean sheet designs to modifying an existing design, Innotech can provide your company with

complete engineering services.

Automation is the future in the process industry. We can design highly automated equipment with touch screen controls and safety lockouts.

Innotech engineering services are solution based and we look forward to working with you on your next project.


Process Equipment Design. From initial concepts, through engineering drawings, and on to fabrication, we are with you every step of the way.

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From small conveyors to entire process lines, Innotech designs, manufactures and services equipment for the Agricultural, Meat, Vegetable, Seafood, and Dairy industries. 

We offer complete equipment design services
Step 1.  (Overview)

Our goal is to have a clear understanding of the type of equipment you need.

We look forward to meeting with you and laying out a detailed outline of the most efficient design for your facility.


Step 2.  (Concept Drawing Review)

After we have the first set of conceptual drawings complete, we meet to review the initial designs.

At this time we implement any changes to maintain the direction of the program.


Step 3. (Engineering Drawing Review)

Once the engineering drawings are complete our team meets with you for an in-depth discussion and any final changes are evaluated.


Step 4. (Design Completion)

The final step is design sign-off for fabrication.


When it comes to customer satisfaction, Innotech Process Equipment leads the way with our customers choosing us year after year.

From the smaller conveyors to the largest full process lines, Innotech Process Equipment is here to create solutions for your company.

We create high quality equipment for the small fruit, seafood, and meat process industries.

CAD & 3D Modelling

Our engineering team uses both Solidworks for 3D modelling, and AutoCAD for 2D drawings.

When customers request one-off less complex add-ons for our equipment, we can generally design these in AutoCAD.

Although when the request is a complex add-on, we design these in 3D using Solidworks. This allows us to model the new piece of equipment, integrate it into an existing 3D model of the original equipment to test for function and fit.

Both programs export cut patterns to the laser cutter for perfect parts to manufacture from.


Design Consultation & Review

Sometimes you have an idea of what you need, or a list of specifications for a piece of equipment you are looking at. Our engineers will gladly meet with you to go over your ideas, and give their feedback on the best ways to design and manufacture it.

With many years of experience and hundreds of projects completed, our team will be a great asset as you move forward with expansion.

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