Innotech Redler

Introducing the Innotech Redler Conveyor System

This Advanced Flightless Flatbed Conveyor is designed for any product that typically sticks to a flighted belt conveyor. This breakthrough design keeps the benefits of a flighted belt while adding a scraper to the flat conveyor belt substantially minimizing your product loss.

The flights are not attached to the conveyor belt but are positioned slightly above it running at the same speed. The scraper stops all accumulating product from falling onto the floor as the belt begins the return path under the conveyor.

Based on customers requests for an innovative flightless incline conveyor, the Innotech Redler serves as the tool of choice for any fresh line facility. Engineered to withstand the demanding process environment while being reliable and easy to incorporate into an existing process line, the Innotech Redler is a great choice for your incline conveying needs


  • 110v source powers entire unit
  • VFD driven conveyor

Redler System

  • Volta belting
  • Flights separate from belt
  • Flights move with speed of belt
  • Flip down belt tensioner for cleaning
  • No more product sticking
  • Many different configurations
  • Can be ordered to your custom height needs
  • Mobile


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Innotech Redler
Redler Specification Sheet (PDF)