Innotech ProFill

Introducing the Innotech ProFill box filling system

Engineered for the low volume process lines, the Innotech ProFill is a highly configurable solution for facilities with limited space. This fully mobile unit comes standard with touch screen controls, dribble gate for accurate weight control, common 110v supply power, and bi-directional operation. Single and multiple head fillers are available and are capable of approximately 6000 lbs. per-hour-per-head.

Designed using our customers feedback on other box fillers on the market, we realized the Innotech ProFill could be a world class answer to common challenges faced using other box filling products. From using common 110v source power, to designing the unit for bi-directional operation, we went to great lengths to make this system easy to use in a low volume environment.

As your company grows the ProFill grows with you. Designed as a modular building block, you can add heads as your needs increase.


  • 110v source powers entire unit
  • PLC driven controls


  • Fast fill/slow fill with dribble gate for more accuracy
  • Touch screen controls


  • Modular belting or vibratory style feeders


  • Single or multiple heads
  • Approximately 6000 lbs. per hour-per-head
  • Adjustable weight configurations
  • Left or right hand configurations
  • Scale can be under box or weigh vessel (weigh vessel used if different box sizes are desired)


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Innotech ProFill Line Card 2017











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