Innotech Crab Line

Innotech Crab Line

The Innotech Crab Line is a semi-automated conveying, glazing, inspection, and weighing solution for seafood process facilities.

  • All Stainless Motors & Gearboxes
  • 5 conveyors
  • 16 weigh stations (8 per side)
  • Forbo Belting for the main line conveyor
  • UNI belting for exit and adjustable incline discharge conveyors
  • 36” belting on main conveyor
  • Built-in Glaze tank
  • Sterling Motors
  • Grove Gear Boxes
  • Gould Pumps
  • Glaze tank capacity approximately 300 US gallons
  • Power requirement is 220V 3 phase

Beginning with the 36” main belt to handle large amounts of product, the crab line is perfect for any size process facility.

The built-in glaze tank comes with a 300 US Ga

llon water reservoir and powerful Gould pump.

The Crab Line features 16 weigh stations with digital scales and individual touch screen interfaces. All the interfaces are connected to a remote master command and control unit which is also touch screen enabled.

As product is boxed, the full boxes are placed on the lower exit conveyor which transfers the full boxes out to the discharge and incline conveyors for packoff.

The return conveyor at the top keeps a flow of boxes staged for the production staff.

The entire crab line is wash down and includes stainless motors and gearboxes for food grade operations.


Download the Crab Line Line Card Here