Blueberry Process Equipment

Blueberry Process Equipment

Innotech offers a full line of pre-fabricated Blueberry Process Equipment designed for the fresh line facility’s.

Designing and building blueberry process equipment requires a special set of requirements and a company with the knowledge and experience in the industry.

Innotech brings a wealth of knowledge to the table and years of experience engineering blueberry process equipment. We understand product is money and the more product you can save in the process cycle, the more money you keep in your wallet.

Our new Stone Trap is the perfect example of innovative engineering and reliable operation for the berry industry. As is typical during blueberry harvest, small stones often find their way into the process line. The Innotech stone trap is an in-line stone and heavy debris removal system designed specifically for the blueberry industry. Using a powerful stream of water to move the berries across an inclined trap, the berries flow over the top whereas the heavier items fall into the debris catch.

The Innotech Profill is another carefully engineered addition to any process line. Please click here for more information on the Profill.


Stone Trap






Rod Destemmer






Incline Barrel Destemmer
Blower Cleaner
ProFill Box Filler






Inspection Conveyors
Sizing Dewatering Shaker
Transfor Conveyors
Incline Conveyors
ProSort All-In-One Conveyor System






Metal Detector
Float Tanks with Green Berry Discharge
Lug & Flat Washers






Tote Dumpers