Blueberry Equipment for the Process Industry

With years as a prime leader in blueberry equipment, Innotech creates cost effective and innovative solutions for your blueberry processing operations. Our equipment helps you save labor costs and reduces processing time.

Our blueberry processing equipment solutions range from automatically dumping lugs from straight out of the field, automatic lug washing and stacking, and all the way through the process line. Innotech’s purpose-built conveyors gently move berries to cleaners, sorters, dryers, and packaging.

The developers and engineers at Innotech created an innovative berry lug dumping system that gently pours berries into feed hoppers, minimizing bruising. We design each piece of Innotech blueberry equipment to quickly and reliably process berries at each stage with a minimum number of operators.


The blower/cleaner effectively removes leaves, sticks and other light debris before moving them on to our washing and stone removal equipment. Our specialization in a wide variety of conveyor types handles your needs for berry transfer to other stages of processing.

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