Innotech Stone Trap

The Innotech Stone Trap is designed as an easy to use, rugged and reliable system for removing stones and heavy debris from your process line. This unit can be configured to run at various speeds depending on your production goals and is designed for easy placement in your existing fresh berry line. Our stainless top mounted washdown bars help in keeping the berries fresh and clean.

With optional casters the Innotech Stone Trap can be a simple mobile system for facilities with limited space.


Stone Trap

•Capable of 12,000 lbs/hr

•Various US and Canadian power options available

•VFD driven for adjustable speeds

•Entire unit is height adjustable

•42″ wide flow tray

•Automatic float to maintain water level

•1.5″ water flow depth

•Adjustable angle for flow control

•Easy to clean Riffle bars

•Large particle filters on intake and bed


•Chlorinated water spray bar on exit conveyor


•42″ wide exit elevating conveyor (Custom length)



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