Innotech ProSort

A True All-In-One Sorting / Destemming / Inspecting / Conveyor System designed for the low volume portable fresh line, the ProSort is a great cost-effective solution giving you cutting edge engineering and superior craftsmanship at an entry level cost.

From the washdown motors and bearings to the innovative design the ProSort is clearly a step ahead offering the perfect addition to your fresh line.



•110v source powers entire unit

•VFD for each conveyor


•Infeed conveyor with cross flow blower (output 5160CFM (8800m3/h))

•PVC 120 k13 belting

•Adjustable infeed metering hopper

•Snorkel hood flips down for cleaning / storage

•Removable snorkel catch sleeve for ease in cleaning


•Angle adjustable bi-directional tilt belt – removes soft berries / clusters

•Diffuser plate removable

•Removable flat rack to catch soft berries


•Fresh berry destemmer with adjustable blades

•Removable fresh berry destemmer drawers

•Destemmer completely sealed to prevent debris from falling on the ground


•Adjustable angle inspection conveyor

•Flip over trash rails


•All washdown motors and bearings

•Completely mobile with forklift pockets for easy moving / storage

•Entire unit is height adjustable

•ProSort is bi-directional for running in right or left-hand configurations



ProSort Line Card
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