Innotech Flat Stacker

Introducing the Innotech Flat & Lug Stackers

Designed for the process facilities using flats and lugs, the Innotech Flat Stackers are scalable solutions for growing facilities. These stackers come standard with touch screen controls, opening side panels with magnetic safety lockouts, adjustable conveyor speeds, and modular belting.

As your company grows the Flat Stacker grows with you. Designed as a modular building block, you can add more lanes as your needs increase.


•110v source powers entire unit

•International power ratings available


•Touch Screen Controls

•Adjustable conveyor speed


•Modular belt design

•Auto Indexing with automatic safety stop

Flats & Lugs

•All sizes of flats and lugs

•Adjustable eye for height stack

•Add to any existing dumping line

•Scale up as you grow

Safety & Accessibility

•Magnetic lockout on access doors

•Side panels open for easy cleaning

•Entire unit is height adjustable

•Optional casters for easy movement



Flat Stacker Line Card
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