Innotech Incline Destemmer

Facilities that process frozen berries will find the Innotech Incline Frozen Berry Destemmer a perfect solution for their products. These destemmers come standard with all stainless components, height adjustable frames, and offer optional VFD’s for variable speed rotation. Other options include casters and single or dual side brushes.

Engineered to withstand the tough environment of frozen berry processing, and designed for simple and reliable operation, the Innotech incline destemmer is the smart choice for destemming frozen berries. For facilities that need higher volumes, multiple incline destemmers can be installed side by side with a common exit conveyor running under the exit chutes.


Incline Frozen Berry Destemmer

•USA & International power source available

•Adjustable conveyor speed (optional)

•Stainless hopper with clump buster

•Capable of 10,000 per hour




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