About Us

From all of us here at Innotech, we genuinely look forward to learning what we can do for you. Engineering and manufacturing food process equipment is our specialty. Developing custom food process equipment is our passion and visible in the quality of our work. We strive to offer our customers a higher level of quality and service. We have been in the food process equipment fabrication industry for 15+ years and are committed to providing the highest quality of finished products. We strongly believe in building long-lasting relationships with each customer. We want to make sure that our customers receive exactly what they want.

Old School Experience from Dad

A million years ago (or so it seems) I started in the metal fabrication world.

My dad started his fabrication company 51 years ago and as a very young teenager I started learning about what it takes to be a metal worker. Along with that came learning about owning a business and the sacrifices it requires. Many years and lessons later I moved on and worked for several local fabrication companies honing my skills in various metal alloys and ultimately achieved the goal of a certified welder.

You Want to do What?

As often happens to young men I decided to start my own company. Many friends and family members who have already walked that road questioned my sanity. But undeterred I went down the path of business ownership.

Was it easy…no. Was it rewarding…well..sometimes. Was it painful at times…yes.

Nevertheless, perseverance paid off and Innotech is a successful growing company.

What’s Next

As we’ve grown, both in size and maturity, our product line has become more diverse. We now have full process lines for the small fruit and vegetable industries, serving the local growers and processors.

Our next challenge is developing products that don’t currently exist to benefit local process facilities.



Innotech founder Tim Kaptein and his wife Tracy.